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EUTR came into force on 3rd March 2013.



EUTR stands for European Union Timber Regulation and became law on 3rd March 2013.

All EU member states will be required to enforce a robust due diligence tracking system to screen out imports of illegal timber into the EU.

Eterna Media Ltd welcomes and supports the introduction of EUTR and is totally committed to making it part of its existing and already stringent purchasing policy.

As a major UK (and therefore European) importerEterna Media Ltd must ensure that all timbers/timber products purchased, that then enter the EU, comply with the regulations laid out for products listed in the EUTR legislation.

In brief the EUTR separates into four categories. The two relevant to Eterna Media being Operator/Importer (Eterna Media) and Trader (Our Customers).

As an Operator/Importer (Eterna Media): EUTR requires us to implement a due diligence system to prevent the placement of illegally harvested timber on the EU Market. This minimum must include:

  • Access to information on volume, species, scientific name, country of harvest, sub-national region of harvest and concession of harvest.
  • Access to information on the sources of timber products: name and contact details of suppliers and compliance with applicable forest legislation in the country of harvest.
  • Risk Assessment on the basis of the information gathered.
  • Risk Mitigation if a high risk is identified during the risk assessment process. This means that Eterna Media Ltd might need to gather further information on the species, the sub-national region of harvest and the concession of harvest in order to avoid purchasing and placing illegally harvested timber on the EU.

EUTR came into force on 3rd March 2013.

FLEGT or CITES licenses are considered to comply with EUTR requirements, thus no further due diligence is needed.

FSC, PEFC and other certifications do not currently have EUTR recognition. Certifications can be used to mitigate risk in the due diligence process making such process less complicated.


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