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Whatever you are looking for, our selection of top quality stretcher bars are made from kiln dried Redwood, carefully selected to avoid dampness and warping, and profiled to give maximum strength and stability to the frame when joined together. Unlike some imported pine woods supplied by our competitors, redwood does not continue to grow and warp when it has been heat treated, nor does it express damaging timber oils normally seen on some imported pine products. Our Professional bars are made from redwood, but these are carefully selected and dried to exacting standards to eliminate these problems. Our redwood bars are "virtually knot free" and are dead straight.

You will also notice that the profiles on the stretcherbar-uk bars are slightly rounded. This has two advantages:
1) It allows the framer to see and obtain clear edges on images that have precise borders, and
2) It also allows the canvas weave to "roll over" the profile rather than snap over a sharp edge which is a major cause of canvas cracking.

Professional Bars are available in four profile sizes and are manufactured from a carefully selected Redwood which is "virtually knot free" and dead straight. Bars do not twist and will sit perfectly on a flat surface.
1) Pro-Bar Pro (H:18*W:44) - this bar is 18mm deep and 44mm wide
2) Pro-Bar Exhibition (H:38*W:35) - this bar is 38mm deep and 35mm wide.
3) Pro-Bar Premium (H:47*W:38) - this bar is 47mm deep and 38mm wide.

4) Pro-Bar Museum (H:50*W:38) - this bar is 50mm deep and 38mm wide.
5) Pro-Bar 2way (45*32) - this bar can be used in either profile to create a 32mm or a 45mm deep frame. Normally sold in long lengths, but we can mitre corners if required.


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